Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is open for play, the use of ride on buggies is permitted. Thank You (updated 05 July at 06:33)

The Men's section is very active at Astbury with both organised and Ad Hoc events throughout the year.

The events calendar overviews the busy schedule of competitive singles and team events that are the cornerstone of any golf club.

It could be argued, that for the ordinary member with a free weekday available, the heart of the men's section during the week is the Roll Up which runs three days a week all through the year. Astbury is proud of its roll up culture which applies to Men, Ladies and Seniors sections. Organised by the members and for the members these events run throughout the year and are a great way to mix in with the club and make new golfing friends in a relaxed environment.


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