Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is open with some temporary greens in play. holes 8, 9, 10 and11 are closed, the use of ride on buggies is not permitted. Thank you. (updated 17 January at 07:27)

Here are some Calendar views for what's on at the club. 

They are updated (LIVE) from the various internal AGC Calendars/Diaries and Society and Visitor bookings.

Everything on 1st Tee

All Golf

Non Golf - Social

All clubhouse

Mens Golf and Social


Ladies Golf and Social


Seniors Golf and Social


Juniors Golf and Social


NOTE on How to use  :

On each of the calendars if you click on the Week,Month,Agenda buttons you can change the layout, If you click the triangle you can select exactly the underlying calendars you want to see. And, finally, if you select the printer icon you can print what you are looking at - Use the smallest Font your eyes can tolerate !


1. These Google CALENDARS take about 12 hours to be updated after the originating club Source Office or Tee Time Calendars are modified.

2. A scheduled club competition in the Golf Diary is now updated when/if previously allocated golf times become free in the start sheet. The diary will show a MEMBERS Social Golf Gap to illustrate this tee time has become available.

3. Where a Booking for golf applies to more than one section  e.g. The Seniors and Ladies competition we will increasingly use the Event type Many Categories which indicates in the name which playing categories this booking applies to.

NOTE FOR GOOGLE AND ANDROID USERS :- see below on how to integrate with your own calendars.

You can click an event to see more detail.

If you have a google ACCOUNT and are logged in then you can show or hide calendars by clicking the little black triangle on the top right of the calendar.

ADVANCED NOTE :- For those with a google calendar, and a sense of adventure you can synch all or some of the underlying club calendars directly into your own calendars ( on your phone for example). Here's how :-

  • Make sure your computer is already logged in to your google account -i.e. showing your identity image at the top right of the screen.
  • Click the Google Calendar icon above (with a plus by it). 
  • You'll see a pop up window listing all the club underlying calendars.
  • Select which (if not all) of the underlying Club Calendars to add to your own Google Calendar.
  • Once you have done that if you have an android phone/tablet then these events will also be synchronised into the calendar on your phone.
  • When events are changed/added/deleted your phone copy will also be modified and hence always be up to date.

For those using OUTLOOK,iphones, ipads, this is supposed to work too but seems troublesome  - we are looking at it..

If you're having trouble with this, or got it working, then please drop an email to