Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is open with some temporary greens in play. holes 8, 9, 10 and11 are closed, the use of ride on buggies is not permitted. Thank you. (updated 17 January at 07:27)
Clubhouse Rules - Dress Code and Phone Usage

Astbury Golf Club has a strict dress code which all Society members, visitors and club members are requested to comply with.

You will see below the acceptable dress standards for Astbury - please take note and abide by these rules to avoid any difficulties.

  • 1.Football and rugby shirts, tracksuits, denim jeans, shell suits, hot pants and leggings are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse at any time
  • 2.Collarless and sleeveless shirts or vests, other than those designed specifically for golf are not allowed.
  • 3.Tailored shorts are acceptable but must be accompanied with either knee length or predominantly white sports ankle socks
  • 4.Men's calf length combat trousers, football or cargo style shorts are not permitted.
  • 5.Men's shirts shall not be worn outside trousers or shorts.
  • 6.Baseball caps or hats of any description must not be worn the wrong way round.
  • 7.Ladies fashion wear designed for golf are permissible both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.
  • 8.Changing of clothes in the car park is strictly forbidden.

Astbury Mobile Phone usage Policy

  • 1.Other than for medical emergencies, routine use of mobile phones is not permitted on the course, if you need to keep the phone switched on then please use the silent ringing setting to avoid disturbing other Golfers on the course.
  • 2.Mobile phone calls are acceptable on the ground floor of the clubhouse and in the upstairs hallways only; but are not allowed within any Communal Area upstairs such as the Bar , Lounge, Dining Room and Patio - in all cases please use the silent setting when upstairs.
  • 3.It is acceptable to use your mobile phone, tablet or computer for silent personal internet use within the upstairs communal areas, but please have respect to those around you. 
  • 4.Members and Visitors are welcome to use the Club Member Wifi service. Network Names and Passwords are displayed around the clubhouse.

Staff and Club Directors are authorised to approach members and visitors if the above dress regulations are not adhered to.

The club reserves the right to refuse any member or visitor access to the course or clubhouse if in breach of the terms & conditions. It would be appreciated if you member were made aware of the rules in order to save embarrassment to all parties.