Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

01260 272772

Course open on full greens. Buggies are on. Thank you.
Calculate my Course Handicap somewhere

Astbury Gizmo - A Course Handicap Calculator - desktop PC's only.
This little gizmo will Work Out Your "Course Handicap" For Astbury or for any other Course.
just remember - this is an unofficial tool, just to get you used to the scheme.  
we can expect Golf software suppliers to provide official versions of the features before the roll out in November 2020.

Take An example.

1. You can look up the slope and details of any course "you are visiting" there is also a link in the Gizmo. The calculator knows these details for Astbury already.

2. Take Astbury for example, which has slope 131 from the Men's white tees. i.e. it's harder than the Standard course.

3 You can use the calculator to estimate what your Handicap Index would roughly be (it will be less than your current handicap because Astbury is harder than the standard course).

4. And lastly to see what you would "play off" on other courses 

  • * Use the calculator to estimate your current handicap index. Then try some interesting slopes on other courses.
  • * Championship tees at Wychwood Park - Slope is 151 ! Try it.
  • * US Open at Pebble Beach - Slope is 147 !
  • * Sandbach Golf Club - Slope is 114
  • * Look up any course and try it click on  slope and details

5. Only one person can use the Gizmo at a time so please tick the green box to indicate you are using it - the box will go red and then untick the red box when finished.