Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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Course Open. Second and Sixteenth holes are on temporary greens. (updated 14 November at 09:00)
Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable deposit of £5 per head is required with the Acceptance of the Booking Form to confirm reservation.


Please note that the visitor booking scheme only allows a maximum of 6 visits in any one year. Any individual whether, the main booker or one of a party, may not play Astbury more than 6 times under this scheme in any calendar year. The Pro Shop will police this rule.


If the final numbers vary from those given on the Booking Form, this must be confirmed in writing or by telephone to the Club Professional (01260 272772) no later than 10 days prior to the date of reservation.


The Society Organiser must contact the Professional or his assistant in the Pro's Shop prior to commencement of play. Visitors tags must be displayed on each players bag.


Green Fees must be paid to the Professional PRIOR TO PLAY. Credit facilities are not available.

For current Green Fees see the Golf Packages section.


The organiser must confirm final catering requirements at least 10 days prior to the booked date.


All visitors must have a recognised golf handicap and be a member of a golf club. If required, society members must produce evidence of the same or a bona fide society handicap.


Members and visitors are politely requested to comply with the dress code of the club.

Football and rugby shirts, tracksuits, denim jeans, combat trousers, shell suits, hot pants and leggings are not permitted either on the course or in the clubhouse at any time. Collarless and sleeveless shirts or vests, other than fashion items specifically designed for golf are not allowed.

Tailored shorts are acceptable but must be accompanied with either knee length hose or sports ankle socks.

Men's calf length combat trousers, football or cargo style shorts are not permitted.

Men's shirts shall not be worn outside trousers or shorts.

Ladies fashion wear designed for golf are permissible both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

Baseball caps or headgear of any description must not be worn the wrong way round.

Changing of clothes in the car park is strictly forbidden.

The use of telephones is not permitted on the Course except for medical emergencies. Mobile phones may be used on the ground floor of the clubhouse but must not be used under any circumstances upstairs.

Astbury Golf Club has a strict dress code which all Society members, visitors and club members are requested to comply with. Please refer to the definition by clicking the button below.

dress code


Parking is only allowed within the designated marked bays. There is an over-spill parking area on the practice ground across the road from the main car park.

Normal golf etiquette must be observed at all times


The following must be observed in the clubouse:

  • Gentlemen are required to wear jackets and tie in the lounge and dining areas after 7pm
  • Casual dress, providing that it is respectable and tidy may be worn prior to 7pm in the lounge and dining areas
  • Tailored shorts may be worn in the clubhouse prior to 5 pm.
  • Ladies are allowed to wear fashion clothes which include such items as culottes

Staff and Club Directors are authorised to approach members and visitors if the above dress regulations are not adhered to.

The club reserves the right to refuse any member or visitor access to the course or clubhouse if in breach of the terms & conditions. It would be appreciated if you member were made aware of the rules in order to save embarrassment to all parties.

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