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Astbury Golf Club

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Course Open on full greens. Buggies are on. (updated 23 September at 06:36)
Green Fees and Society Packages

Summer 2018 - Winter 2018/19 

Important: Please read Astbury Golf Club's Terms & Conditions and abide by our dress code

Society Days at Astbury Golf Club.

Typically, Society Days are :- 

Thursdays - Applicable for parties of 8 or more

Friday afternoons from 2pm - For small parties of between 12/18

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Society Packages

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18 Hole Package

18 Hole Golf Only

30 hole Package


Summer 2018 & Winter 2018/19

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Visitor Green Fees


Staff and Club Directors are authorised to approach members and visitors if the above dress regulations are not adhered to.

The club reserves the right to refuse any member or visitor access to the course or clubhouse if in breach of the terms & conditions. It would be appreciated if you member were made aware of the rules in order to save embarrassment to all parties.