Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

01260 272772

The course is open. No buggies. The winter tee mat will be in use on the 5th.
Thank you. (updated 26 October at 06:48)
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AGC Hole 15

Last Chance

Par 3

Men SI 12

Ladies SI 14










The 15th, The Pro's view.

The finishing 4 holes can make or break your card at Astbury and it starts here for most golfers. This is a long par 3 to a sloping green back to front which is protected on the left by a large bunker. Into the wind, and especially from the ladies tee, seeing your ball come to rest on the green is deeply satisfying but don't count any chickens until you hear that welcoming plonk of the ball in the hole. 

{Golf Hole graphic Courtesy of SkyCaddie }