Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is closed due to saturated ground conditions. Thank you. (updated 30 November at 07:14)

AGC Hole 3

The Brook

Par 5

Men SI 7

Ladies SI 1









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The 3rd the Pro's view.

This is the first Par 5 and although not long at 480 yards (476 yellows and 427 Ladies ) it's a risk/reward hole.Care is required on this hole as a good long tee shot to the right half of the fairway for the men or a good second from the ladies tee then leaves a make or break shot over a series of ponds known as Jones's Creek that lie in the gulley in the fairway.

There is a 120 yard carry between the tops of the banks of the gulley which really challenge the shot selection here. The hedge and trees on the left of the fairway is the boundary of the course and anything going over this is out of bounds

For those who prefer to lay up with their second shot it is 173 yards from the end of the fairway prior to the gulley to the centre of a plateau green which lies angled to the fairway. The best line to take with your approach shot is to the left side of what is a quite long narrow green. There is a reprofiled bunker added for 2019 at the rront right of the green . {Golf Hole graphic Courtesy of SkyCaddie }