Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is closed due to saturated ground conditions. Thank you. (updated 30 November at 07:14)
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AGC Hole 5

Canal Side

 Men Par 4

Ladies Par 5

Men SI 1

Ladies SI 11










The 5th the pro's view.

This long par 4 (Par 5 Ladies) plays longer than its yardage as the fairway rises quite steeply for the last 80 yards to a long deep green. An alternative men's tee closer to the Canal requires a fade (right handers) to keep away from the Lake. The hole requires two good shots and as the green is blind it is wise to make a note of the pin position. The lake on the left comes into play at about 207 yards, with a recent addition of a grass bunker at about 215 yards on the right of the fairway. Out of bounds creeps towards the right side of the fairway to the right of this bunker. The two bunkers on the crest are well short of the green and there is a third bunker guarding the left of the green. Please note the local rule that any ball hitting the power cables which pass over the course in front of the tee has to be replayed.

{Golf Hole graphic Courtesy of SkyCaddie }