Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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Course open. Buggies are on. (updated 21 June at 06:02)
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AGC Hole 6


Par 4

Men SI 3

Ladies SI 5










The 6th, the Pro's view.

Rather like the previous hole it is on the boundary of the course, which again is the hedge on the right. From the back tee the second bunker guards the right side of the fairway and is 247 yards from the back tee. The perfect shot is between this and the electricity pole on the left of the fairway. A straight drive leaves a long to medium iron to a wide green which has one bunker on the left and two on the right. The raising at the front of the green is a deceptive defence to any underhit shots.

Follow the path on the left of the green and through the hedge to the next hole. 

{Golf Hole graphic Courtesy of SkyCaddie }