Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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The course is closed due to saturated ground conditions. Thank you. (updated 30 November at 07:14)
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AGC Hole 8

Water Tower

Par 5

Men SI 11

Ladies SI 7










The 8th, the Pro's view.

This is the longest Par 5 on the course and you need 3 good shots to reach this. From the tee the best line is towards the water tower in the distance as this keeps you to the right of the large tree which appears to be in the centre of the fairway. The fairway narrows and turns left at about 150 yards to the green. Just short and right of the green is a large pond which captures any shots which are leaked to the right. At 26 yards this is one of the smaller greens with bunkers on both the left and right.

{Golf Hole graphic Courtesy of SkyCaddie }