Astbury Golf Club

Astbury Golf Club

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Course open on main greens, no buggies. Thank you. (updated 20 November at 07:11)

Here's what you need to know about Joining Astbury.

The first thing to tell you is that, thanks to our healthy finances, which allows our continued investment in the course, catering services, clubhouse and other facilities, we continue to see our membership continue to grow well in all sections.  

For details of current membership fees please click on the button below:

Membership Fees - being updated !

You can easily register your interest by completing our online enquiry form in the link below . The form, which isn't a commitment to join, is an immediate way to make contact with the club 24*7. Information supplied in the form will allow us to see what membership category would suit you best and we will contact you directly within 24 hours to discuss your interest and let you know about any deals that are active and your options for joining. 

Enquiry Form

Types of Membership - We have various membership options, and these are always being reviewed to match Golfers Life Styles. Beyond typical membership styles we also offer :- 

Discounts for under 30's & Juniors.
Family and Couple membership,
Free Membership for under 14s,
The Astbury Starter Package,
The Astbury Open Day.

Astbury Starter Package :-We have a very popular Astbury Starter Package available for new players or people keen to "dip their toes" into golf. To qualify applicants must be actively taking a series of Golf Lessons from the AGC Professional Staff. There are a number of benefits that come with this package including use of our 10 acre practice ground for a very competitive price of £140. For details see

Starter Package

Astbury OPEN DAY,  where people interested in looking at golf or in joining the club can sample Astbury and all its strengths and also get on the day discounts to join.

Membership Year and Payment Options

Membership runs from May 1st to April 30th. There are reduced Membership Subscriptions that apply for new members and there is an option to join in the second half of the membership year. Payment can be made either a) by cheque, b) online via BACS, c) and New for 2018 - pay in 5 monthly instalments through the playing season or d) by a Monthly Payments Scheme arranged with a company called Fairway Credit (Admin/Credit charge to be added to total due) - For more information on Fairway Credit please click on the advert below.




If you would like to discuss membership of the Golf Club with someone, or require any further information you can complete the  online membership enquiry;  which gets a few details about you and then immediately emails the Club Office - we will get back to you directly. Or you can contact the Golf Club's Admin Office by telephone on 01260 272772  or by post to the following address Astbury Golf Club, Peel Lane, Astbury, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4RE.