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Astbury Golf Club

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The course is closed due to saturated conditions and further overnight rain. It will remain closed all Saturday. Next inspection Sunday morning. Thank you.

The full results of the Astbury NHS Charity Open. 22nd Aug 2020.

A huge thankyou from the Organisers to the Sponsors, Players, Helpers and Staff of Astbury Golf Club.

A very Special Thankyou from the Club to Gary Clark whose enthusiasm and energy made this whole event

possible. Oh and of course well done to the winners and to everyone for taking part.

Here's the winning team unfortunately minus Paul Bestwick.

Left to right Dave Fisher, Darryl Morris and Richard Stanley and the empty chair was 

for Past Astbury Captain Paul Bestwick but he went home early as he had to get up for his paper round!

And here's Gary's Pro Shop team below with Lauren, Joe and Francis (Lauren's Dad)