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Make your clubs work for you!

Here at Astbury, We rarely sell clubs that are 'standard'. Each individual possesses a different swing, How could one club possibly suit everyone?

So, how do we custom fit our clients? Well it's an easy 5 Step process - click a button below to find out more.

Step 1 - Consultation

This is by far one of the most important steps within the custom fitting process. How can we possibly make everything perfect if we don’t know what you need. Our consultations are usually an informal chat over a coffee and just trying to figure out what results you prioritise from your new club. It could be distance, accuracy or consistency. It is really important for us to understand this so that we can give you the product that will suit you the best! We will also look for details about your current set up to see what is in the bag already and how it can be improved.

Step 2 - Our Selection

From all of the details in the consultation, we will present a few different options for heads and shafts to build your club. Different head sizes, shapes and weight positions can make a crucial difference to the performance of the club. As well as heads we will also provide a few different shafts to try, these can be different weights, kickpoints, flexes and lengths that give a different feel to the club.

Step 3 - Testing

This is where the fun really begins! We head out to the range with you and get to see how the clubs are performing. We try a variety of  different combinations between heads and shafts until we find something that really works. We look for something that you are comfortable hitting, with a good ball flight and something that relates back to your initial consultation. Then we know we have got a club that will make them happy!

Once you have made your selection, we start to tweak the club. Although it has already ticked many of the boxes on our list. We now look to really fine tune the club. We look as a number of different adjustments that we can make. Be it the loft of the club being tweaked by 0.5° or changing the weight position within the club to make it even better. We then look at the grip of the club, the size of the grip itself but also the design and materials that it is made from. All weather golfers sometimes prefer a corded grip, some people prefer ribbed grips for added alignment help. We can cater for pretty much anything.

Step 4 - Ordering the Product

Once the club is finalised and we are both happy that it is right for your game, we will order the club. We will take a few details and get the club ordered as fast as we can, nobody likes to wait so we aim to make the wait as short as possible.

As soon as your club arrives with us, we will be straight on the phone to let you know that it has arrived. At this point we are usually as excited as you are!

Step 5 - Grip it and Rip it

Thats it, your club has been custom fitted and your ready to go splitting fairways and driving greens! The only thing that we ask of you at this point is to let us know how everything is going and if there is anything more that we can do to help.

We are always happy to take another look at any clubs if your not 100% happy with them. If you are spending your hard earned cash, we want it to be perfect!