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Our new SkyTrak launch monitor has allowed us to delve deeper into our clients game's. Not only is it used for teaching and fitting but it has opened up a new area of game improvement services that we can offer.

Please find below all of the services that we offer.

Ball Fitting - 45 minutes - £20

How many of us know that we are playing the right ball? This is a question that is never asked in the Golfing world. The ball is one of the most important components in the game, as without it you can play golf. 

The ball fitting process is not just about hitting shots on the driving range to look at numbers on a lauch monitor, this is only half of it. In actually fact this is the later stages of the fitting process, when fitting for your correct golf balls, we work from the green to the tee. With the average golfer pulling the driver out of the bag a maximum 14 times per round, it makes sense to work from the green back to the tee.  

We will obtain vital feedback for you (the player) on how the ball is feeling and reacting whilst you hit your putts, bunker shots, chip shots and pitch shots. We will then work back towards the fairways and hit a few full shots into the green, before we then take it to the tee or range to check the numbers. 

Driver Optimisation - 30 Minutes - £15

How long ago was your last driver fitting? Did you even get your driver properly fitted in the first place? If you have an adjustable driver then this is a great service to use. We beleive that the answer to more yardage, consitancy or a straighter flight isnt always a new driver!

We wil take a look at your current driver and watch you hit a few balls on SkyTrak, this will give us a god idea on flight and also some of the numbers which make up your ball flight. This could be launch angle or spin for example.From this, we can adjust your driver accordingly to find the optimum for your swing. sometimes its as simple as a change of tee! imagine an extra few yards just for a change of tee!

Bag Mapping - 1 Hour - £25

Our bag mapping serivce has been one of the most poplular services since we have had our SkyTrak. The service involves us measuring how far you hit every club in your bag. Every golfer has an idea of how far they hit they're clubs, but some of the results we have seen so far have really surprised both us and our clients. Some players are longer than they expected, some shorter. However, once you have had your bag mapping, you will know exactly how far you hit each club. We will even give you your very own chart with your yardages on !

Full Bag M.O.T - 1 Hour 30 Mins - £40

Our full bag M.O.T combines both our bag mapping and optimisation services! We take a good look at your driver and other adjustable clubs to find the perfect combination and also a good gapping between fairway woods, hybrids and driver. We will also find exact distances for each club in your bag and provide the gapping chart to attatch to your bag. Alongside this we will also make recommendations about your current set such as new grips, different tee's or even a new ball. This is the Ultimate service for anyone serious about they're golf!