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Custom Fitting

Astbury Golf Club has three trained custom fitters. We regard custom fitting as a vitally important aspect to consider when purchasing any new clubs.

In fact, we insist on a custom fit if you want a new set of irons. We do not sell off the shelf clubs, because we firmly believe they will be wrong for you!

For instance, if the lie angle of your irons is out by just 2 degrees, your shots are likely to be eight yards off target!

In six years of custom fitting, we have never had anyone measured at 'standard fit', so if your irons are 'off the shelf', or internet purchased, they are highly likely to be incorrectly fitted for you, meaning loss of direction and possible loss of distance as well.

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  • How much does custom fitting cost?Open or Close

    Absolutely nothing! If you commit to buying the clubs from us, the custom fit is free! This does not mean we charge over the top prices for your new clubs either. We are very competitive indeed. Put us to the test, we know you will leave us happy.

  • How long does custom fitting take?Open or Close

    Usually, half an hour to 45 minutes, depending on whether you need irons, fairway woods, hybrids or a new driver. Firstly, we take a few measurements, and then see shots hit with real golf balls on our practice area. Hitting a ball into a net tells you nothing; with us you will see the ball in flight.

  • Which manufacturers do we use?Open or Close

    In our opinion, the best custom fitting companies are Ping and Callaway. These are the manufacturers that we will use when custom fitting. We can supply you with over 90% of the manufacturers currently on the market though.

  • What do you do now?Open or Close

    Give us a call, or pop in to see us and we can discuss your requirements. Remember, we welcome non members and you will get treated with the same high quality service that all our members receive.


We look forward to improving your game soon!


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