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The course is open with some temporary greens in play. holes 8, 9, 10 and11 are closed, the use of ride on buggies is not permitted. Thank you. (updated 17 January at 07:27)

World Handicap System (WHS) 

This is a new Top Level section of the web site covering all things WHS.

Looking for the Course Handicap Table ? - click here

We will be extending this section throughout the run up to WHS launch date of November 2020.

The first thing to say is that within WHS England Golf will be holding  a little more of your personal details - There is no need for members to opt-in to the transfer of personal data to England Golf, but both members’ email address and date of birth will be required in order for England Golf to issue a handicap. The system will only use members’ data collected in this way for the purposes of handicapping or other fundamental benefits of being a member of England Golf. For more details this is their detailed Privacy Notice regarding this data and how they may use it.  

Content for these pages is authorised by the Club's WHS team based on

  1. 1. Education and FAQ on the Astbury implementation of the scheme - What WHS means to you
  2. 2. Material from England Golf -What England Golf are providing for Golfers
  3. 3. Useful resources for the Member - Guides, Tools, Apps and so on

You can email the WHS team on 

The team initially consists of

* Anne Nicol Past Ladies Handicap Secretary, 

* Gill Hodges Ladies Handicap Secretary,

* Paul Collier IT and web site

* Nigel Hodges Director of Golf

Others will be added to the team as required..

Visit here often - but we will publish Club News items to alert you when WHS information is updated.

THE WHS team