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The course is closed in compliance with Covid Regulations (updated 11 January at 18:46)
Astbury Course Handicap Table


From 2nd November 2020, you will have a WHS Handicap Index (HI). It is your responsibility to know this figure and use the charts available at the club to look up your Course Handicap (CH) for the set of tees you are about to use. It is the CH which is used for all future handicap calculations when you submit a score.

This is the Astbury Course Handicap chart. The instructions are written at the bottom of the chart.You can download a printable PDF version here

Your Course Handicap must be written on your card but we suggest that you get into the habit of making sure that both your HI and CH are on your card. Astbury Golf Club plans to ensure that they are both printed on Competition cards.

Remember that your CH will change whenever you go to another course... you will need to use your HI and their Course Handicap chart,  to find your CH there.

Visitors will bring their HI to Astbury and calculate their Course Handicap using our chart.