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Astbury Golf Club

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The course is open with some temporary greens in play. holes 8, 9, 10 and11 are closed, the use of ride on buggies is not permitted. Thank you. (updated 17 January at 07:27)
What it means to you at Astbury

Under this section of the web site we will produce a series of updates that take what England Golf are recommending and offer some insight as to what that means to you as an Astbury Member.

There is a very good explanation of WHS from National Club Golfer magazine - Read it here.

The Astbury WHS team

Handicap Index - when <20 scores in your record.
Here is a copy of the relevant section from the Handicap Guide from England Golf. ...Read More
WHS 1 Handicap Matters
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WHS 2 - Course Handicap
The Second Club note in WHS series ...Read More
WHS 3 - Myths and Explanations #1
This is the WHS 3 message on Myths and questions ...Read More
WHS 4 Handicap Index explained
This is WHS 4 and it deals with Handicap Index ...Read More
WHS 5 Developing your Handicap Index
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WHS 6 - WHS Definitions and Recap
A copy of WHS 6 ...Read More
WHS 7 - Putting it all together - And so ..
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