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The course is open for play on main greens with the exception of the 15th which is on a temp. The 11th and 10th holes are closed due to drainage works being carried out. The use of ride on buggies is permitted. Thank You. (updated 16 October at 06:52)
What it means to you at Astbury

Under this section of the web site we will produce a series of updates that take what England Golf are recommending and offer some insight as to what that means to you as an Astbury Member.

There is a very good explanation of WHS from National Club Golfer magazine - Read it here.

The Astbury WHS team

Handicap Index - when <20 scores in your record.
Here is a copy of the relevant section from the Handicap Guide from England Golf. ...Read More
WHS 1 Handicap Matters
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WHS 2 - Course Handicap
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WHS 3 - Myths and Explanations #1
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WHS 4 Handicap Index explained
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WHS 5 Developing your Handicap Index
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WHS 6 - WHS Definitions and Recap
A copy of WHS 6 ...Read More
WHS 7 - Putting it all together - And so ..
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